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Introduction:Group Carried Out "TTT- Training The Trainer " Program


The group summarized the training work back in 2014 and investigated the needs for  training in each unit. For this reason, "Training The Trainer" was brought up for 2015. On April 10, led by the Executive Office,  "TTT -- Training The Trainer " activities were held at the conference room on the ground floor. 50 staff members from each unit took part in the program. 

This training included making training plans and course expression training. Through years of experience,  lecturer Ding Mingfeng from the Port Oil Company summed up three topics "a few questions need to be clarified before making a plan", "specific steps on training plans" and "how to make a good training courseware". The interpretation based on the example of Gas Station Training Plan, explained the whole process of the training plan in detail. In the practice section, trainees from the liquefied operating department in the Port Company showed their courseware in the classroom. The trainees applied their knowledge learned into practice and put forward some relevant improvement suggestions on the courseware. 

In the presentation section, lecturer Ding offered a series of suggestions on skills from presentation to body language to expression. After a short preparation, the trainees would finish a one-minute speech, which would be recorded, reviewed and guided one by one. 

TTT is of great significance to our enterprise talent strategy construction - "versatility on every post". The strategy would also help accumulation and inheritance construction. This training as the first class of the 2015 "TTT -- Training The Trainer " series, started the management training program for the whole year. 

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