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Landbridge Port Signed with PanStar Group from South Korea

Introduction:Landbridge Port Signed with PanStar Group from South Korea


On March 31, Landbridge Port signed a cooperation agreement with PanStar Group from South Korea in Jinjiang Hotel. PanStar Group President Kim Zhongtai(transliteration) and General Manager Tian Lin from Landbridge Port co., LTD., signed the cooperation agreement. Attended the signing ceremony were responsible leaders from Rizhao Government, Rizhao Port Office, Rizhao Port and Ship Administration Bureau and some other relevant departments . 

According to the agreement, Landbridge Port co., LTD. would work with and PanStar Group co., LTD., to establish a  joint venture, operating high-speed ro-ro container liner service in China, South Korea and Japan. This service would raise revenues and obtain satisfactory return on the investments to both parties.

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