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Vice Governor Xia Geng Visited Landbridge

Introduction:Vice Governor Xia Geng Visited Landbridge


On January 15th and 16th, vice governor Xia Geng, accompanied by Safety Production Inspection team, visited and inspected Landbridge Group.  Member of Standing Committee of Municipal Committee and Secretary Wang Bin, Vice Mayor Liu Zhaoliang, Municipal Secretary General Li Chongxi, accompanied by civil-operated departments and Lanshan District leaders, visited and inspected Landbridge. 

Vice governor Xia Geng successively visited Landbridge Port Petrochemical co., LTD. and Landbridge Port co., LTD. During the visit, Chairman Ye Cheng gave a detailed report on group business development and enterprise safety production situation. 

Vice governor Xia Geng highly praised the achievements Landbridge Group has made in recent years. He stressed the importance of safety production, which should be paid no less attention to than group business operation. Basic work on safety production should be checked on a daily basis within the group, who needs to be inspected regularly by  Safety Production Inspection Department. 

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